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  • Includes all the Ipbxphone Features
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  • Includes all the Ipbxphone Features
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Traditional VoIP

Business Phone System

  • Stay Connected
  • The iPBXPhone system has all the features of a traditional VoIP phone and the cloud's integration

  • Reduce Cost
  • Increase your revenue and reduce your operational cost by 60%

  • Manage Smart
  • Monitor your entire communication system under one central system

  • Stay Connected
  • 24/7 Virtual assistance available for your business

// IPBX Phone Features

Features & Benefits of Business Phone System

Virtual Receptionist
  • A full-time assistant is not, at this point, required.
  • With the virtual assistant component, you can coordinate a steady robotized voice for your brand and never miss a lead.
Call Forwarding
  • Get a handy feature to oversee business calls without any problem.
  • If your expansion is occupied or not accessible, you can forward or transfer your business call to our smartphones or home phones.
Call Routing
  • Multiply profits fast with intelligent call directing.
  • Users can customize routing patterns based on various elements to guarantee each call reaches the right destination.
Call Conferencing
  • Get a fast, flexible, secure, and quality solution to connect any number to team members on the same voice call anywhere, anytime.
  • Internally it's free of cost.
Call Transferring
  • Deliver the best solution to all the callers with call transfer features.
  • You can easily transfer a progress call to other departments or agents.
  • The client will more satisfy.
Voice Message
  • Users can allow the caller to record their voice.
  • The caller can leave a Voice message.
  • You can monitor or listen to it through your dashboard, or we can transfer the voice message to your email address.
Multiple IVR
  • You can use multiple virtual receptionists for your business.
  • Several greetings, off-day information, special day & special offer information, a voice recording will be available for your business.
Call Recording
  • Guarantee you never miss out on critical information on any business call.
  • All calls are auto-recorded and stored on the secured hard disk.
Multiple Call Attending
  • You can attend multiple calls at the same time.
  • Users can easily increase your concurrent call channel.
Music on Hold
  • Build up a corporate professional brand.
  • Users can customize on-hold music as the next campaign theme or brand's tone to lead building opportunities.
Call Monitoring
  • You can oversee and access outgoing & incoming calls at any time, anywhere through your dashboard.
Unlimited Extension
  • You can appoint a limitless extension.
  • It builds your internal local community stronger, and also, more people will attend your business call.
  • It helps to grow your business.

Connecting the people
Anytime & Anywhere

IPBX Phone will allow you to have more phones than physical phone
lines and allows free calls between users.


We guarantee that your business will reduce your operational cost by 60%
with our IPBX Phone service.


Annual revenue


Savings using other services


Savings using IPBX Phone
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